Wrapify Gets Granular With Demographics

New Demographic Targeting Tech Upgrade

Wrapify’s focus on keeping our clients satisfied and our drivers happy has always been the “top story” when we have news to share. Part of creating and maintaining that satisfaction is a robust technology platform that we haven’t historically talked much about.

As we’ve written in this space before, we’re not great believers in the use of tech merely for tech’s sake–remember “Yo!”?–we believe in it as a means to an end.

The old way of setting up a Wrapify campaign required a company account executive or customer to draw a campaign map based on what they thought looked good and where the most people were.

“The new way of doing things is to generate a campaign that matches targeted demographics, utilizing a feature that is available through Wrapify Enterprise Campaigns”, said Jared Morante – Principal Engineer at Wrapify.

Wrapify can now deliver an audience segmented by ethnicity, income, age and gender. Brands can specify within those guidelines who they’re looking to reach and Wrapify can generate–in seconds–a customized map for any of the markets where we operate, which will show exactly what areas to target to best reach the desired demographics.

Wrapify generates these new map demographic overlays using information from one of the industries most respected sources: Esri’s 2016 Tapestry data, which is now integrated throughout the Wrapify platform as part of our partnership with Esri’s Startup Program.

What does this technology mean for brands?

  •  – No guesswork when designing campaign geofences and Hotspot zones
  •  – Provides best value for your investment by directly targeting your audience
  •  – Better vehicle volume (car count) suggestions based on demographically defined campaign geofences


Wrapify is a technology-enabled ad platform. We’ve revolutionized an out-of-home advertising format – wrapped cars. But, it’s not just about car wraps. It’s about using and evolving technologies that make wrapping a car in advertising messaging a whole new kind of ballgame through the sharing economy, real-time data and GPS.

If you’re a brand that hasn’t tried Wrapify, there’s no better time than now!

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New ad platform features in 2018!
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I just published “Wrapify Partners with Mira and Barometric For New Retargeting and Attribution Features” https://t.co/nyGmFQFUrm

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The @anheuserbusch, @cityofcolumbus, @lyft campaign has been underway for a few months and it has been great to see our platform being leveraged to keep people safe! #thankful #thanksgiving