Case Study – Lemonade Sees 276% Lift in Web Traffic, 91% Lift in App Payments


Lemonade was looking to improve engagement in their app and on their website, as well as to drive new users and brand awareness. Wrapify was integrated into their media mix at the intersection of Out of Home (OOH) and Digital.


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Lemonade was looking to actively promote their insurance app product to as many consumers as possible. During the 12-week campaign, Lemonade wanted to specifically capture exposed devices in the bay area and send users to their website and mobile app. Enter: Wrapify.

Overall, Lemonade wanted to:


Specific Goals:

  • Increase website visits
  • Increase app installs
  • Increase engagement with Quote Check Feature
  • Increase in-app actions (payments, plan creation)
  • Measure retargeting from OOH exposure (impressions, clicks, CPM)


Lemonade chose to target the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding suburbs, while leveraging Wrapify’s omni-channel digital ad / retargeting platform.


In addition, they leveraged SWARM. A SWARM is when multiple wrapped vehicles gather at a specific place and time, creating a huge brand moment nobody can forget!

Once the cars were on the road, they started exposing the phones and devices in the pockets of everyone in range. Then, the digital retargeting ads began going out to those users.


Lemonade website traffic immediately spiked to over double during their Wrapify campaign.
For their goal of users completing the payment action in their app, this proved to successfully lift that metric.

Amongst the benefits a brand will always have from campaigns like this one, here are all of the impressive numbers that helped them reach their goals:


276%+   Website Traffic Lift


91%+   In-App Payments Lift


83%+   App Installs Lift


49%+   “Get a Quote” Action Lift (web & app total)



  • Increased conversion rates for all goals measured
  • Effective campaign attribution measurement dashboard
  • Precise physical retargeting from branded vehicle to exposed mobile devices
  • 135,882,296 total impressions to all exposed mobile devices
  • Hyper-targeted SWARM locations: Downtown San Fransisco, Pier 30, other select concentrated neighborhoods

Using Wrapify for this campaign has catapulted Lemonade’s website and mobile app engagement. The brand is now in the driving seat, accompanied by a vast amount of data in the Wrapify Dashboard about their exposed and captured audience which will help influence future successful company marketing efforts.


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