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Wrapify’s Lead Designer Melts Faces

Today, Wrapify’s got two important things to share: 1.Wrapify has an on-the-go presence at SXSW in Austin, with ten cars of the road, a few SWARM events, and what we believe is our most eye-catching creative design yet. 2.The car designs come courtesy of Wrapify’s gifted Lead Designer Anthony Weaver, who we’ve been meaning to introduce for […]

Is the Sharing Economy Doomed?

Things are not going the way experts and pundits predicted for the sharing economy. While much of the focus has fallen on Uber in recent weeks, the problems facing business model are numerous, inherent and will likely only continue to grow in the public eye. Whether we’re calling it collaborative consumerism or the gig-economy, it […]

Wrapify’s CPM Performance at a Glance

I recently received an automated email from Google about Adwords’ campaign performance for a few PPC campaigns the company is currently running. Wrapify was seeing an average CPM of $7.01. A few minutes later, I received one of our automated Wrapify campaign reports and the CPM prompted a historical look at every campaign that’s run […]

Wrapify Reaches 29 US Cities

Wrapify added two more major cities this week, Baltimore and Portland, OR, to hit 29 cities total (up from 27) where our unique OOH platform is on the road. Baltimore was a logical choice because it’s got a lot of commuters who drive–there really isn’t much great public transportation in that city–and some of its […]

Wrapify Partners with CBS Radio in D.C. to “Own the Eyes and Ears on the Road”

Today, Wrapify launches an exciting and groundbreaking new strategic partnership with CBS Washington, D.C., and its six radio properties to sell the Wrapify platform to the communications giant’s clients, either in tandem with their radio advertising or on its own.

This is a classic “win-win,” if you’ll pardon the cliche, because it immediately puts 50+ salespeople in the D.C. market working on Wrapify’s behalf, while giving CBS a unique way to amplify its audio commercial messages with visuals. Wrapify pays American drivers to wrap their cars in marketing messaging while using our proprietary technology to track vehicles in real-time for brands.

WrapifyMonday, March 27th, 2017 at 3:36am

RT @MileIQ: Your business miles are worth a lot of money. Start tracking yours today (thanks to @wrapify for the pic)


WrapifyFriday, March 24th, 2017 at 8:37am

How much can you earn driving with Wrapify? Just ask Nancy... @getheal #driveearnlive #ooh

Wrapify in San Francisco, California.Friday, March 24th, 2017 at 8:34am
How much can you earn driving with Wrapify? Just ask Nancy... Heal app #driveearnlive #ooh