Is Amazon cooler than Apple? Or just more top of mind?

Wrapify’s business model transcends any previous “car wrap” business in ways both consumer- and brand-centric.

Technology and societal trends — crowdsourcing, the sharing economy, proprietary ad tech and analytics — are what’s made Wrapify a paradigm-shifting Out-of-Home platform for more than a dozen brands and marketers in eight cities in less than four months since our launch.

So it’s technology that is at the root of Wrapify’s success for brands, but it’s the collaborative human touch that is making Wrapify a breakout win with our on-the-road partners: our drivers.

Unlike any other car wrap company, drivers can pick the brand they want to work with, the advertiser they most feel in tune with when advertising on their vehicle. Petco, Harrah’s, Quest Nutrition, any one of the nearly 20 brands currently using the Wrapify platform.

One of the fun things we do with our drivers when they get on board is ask them not only which of Wrapify’s current marketing partners they’d like to feature on their vehicle, we ask the dream brand they’d wrap their car with — if they could pick the brand, which one would it be?

Most of us at Wrapify guessed Apple would be the #1 choice of drivers, but we were wrong; Apple came in at #2. The most popular response from a poll of 422 Wrapify drivers was Amazon, with 11.4% of responders choosing it. Apple received just under 10% Here’s the entire list: 

  • Amazon – 11.4%
  • Apple – 9.5%
  • Monster Energy – 6.6%
  • Nike – 5.9%
  • Petco – 3.3%
  • Google – 3.1%
  • Coca-Cola – 2.6%
  • Red Bull – 2.4%
  • Wrapify – 1.9%
  • Starbucks – 1.4%
  • Disney – 1.2%
  • Pepsi – 1.2%%
  • Other – 49.5%
  • TOTAL – 100%

Since it’s a wide-open question, not a multiple choice, nobody should find it surprising that roughly half the picks are brands that don’t garner even 1%.

Another couple observations: Interesting mix of technology companies and old-school brands. And that no matter how you slice it, Pepsi always ends up about half as popular as Coke. Maybe they should try Wrapify!

This is, of course, an unscientific poll of a select demographic — Wrapify is proud of our pioneering drivers, of our early adopters to this new technology-driven outdoor advertising paradigm…but we’re not saying they are the perfect cross-section of America, for precisely that same reason. But they make up a good indicator of what brands resonate with men and women who embrace change and new ideas.

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