One of my favorite moments when I’m out talking with advertisers or other people about Wrapify is the instant it clicks with them.

That’s the moment I can see in their eyes that they’ve snapped past their preconceived ideals and realized we’re not just another car-wrap company, but a technology-centric outdoor-marketing platform that offers strategic advertising opportunities never before available.

SWARM is turning out to be Wrapify’s most intriguing feature for marketers.

A Wrapify SWARM is exactly what it sounds like: a large number of vehicles all in one spot at the same time. Wrapify sends out notification to all wrapped vehicles who share one specific campaign in a targeted region. Once confirmed, numerous drivers show up at a specific time and either park near a designated spot or drive around one small tight area for eye-catching outdoor messaging.

Drivers get a bonus on top of their monthly pay, brands get an heretofore unprecedented opportunity for outdoor advertising in places that might have been previously off-limits or too expensive.

One example might be for a soft drink or energy bar, outside a professional sports stadium. A billboard a block away from PNC Park, say, will set you back significantly, but five cars parked for an hour or so right up until game time won’t cost you too much at all.

Or for an even more bravado move: Say your brand wants to be ubiquitous at the hot conference where all your smartest targets attend, but you don’t want to shell out major dough needed for a sponsorship. Instead, you hire 5-10-25 Wrapify cars to “Swarm” the event at a smaller investment with arguably a better and more memorable impression.

When I presented at the Launch Mobile event, we called a Swarm for Wrapify partner Butterfleye, the smart home monitoring camera.  Almost everybody in the audience said they saw the cars. Of course they did — Wrapify cars are bright, distinctive, eye-catching, and like nothing else on the road.

Can you imagine a Swarm of vehicles touting your brand around the Super Bowl stadium and city? At the Oscars? One of the upcoming political conventions? What would, say, a billboard cost for that day (not that you could even buy one)

The Swarm strategy also circles back to solving the advertising world’s dirty little not-so-secret: If you’re betting on digital, you better double down on dreams because as both Google and Fortune have recently admitted “56% of all online ads are never seen,” and “fraud is rampant.”

Wrapify cars are real. Swarm is real, squared. Maybe even cubed.

So get ready. If you’re in one of Wrapify’s 11 markets — with more on the way — you may soon see a colorful fleet of cars promoting a visionary brand. And when a friend says to you, “Wow, that’s pretty cool!” You can respond, knowledgeably, “Yeah, but it’s known as a SWARM.”

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