February 1st, Wrapify entered New York. Now, creating a Wrapify campaign couldn't be easier (and more cost effective) with the unveiling of Wrapify’s 2.0 platform update!

Our story so far: Wrapify’s unique outdoor marketing platform has been a magnet for well-known national brands — eBay, Petco, Harrah’s, Quest Nutrition and others. We’re immensely grateful for these clients. They’ve helped us break out as a business quickly. It’s been gratifying.

But we’ve also had a lot of conversations with smaller businesses and startups who immediately grasped the power of our innovative idea and wanted to ride along….but couldn’t afford a broad campaign.

That’s been as frustrating for us as it’s been for them. Wrapify’s a startup, only launched last July, and despite our rapid rise, it’s not a journey we want to take alone. We want to support other startups, good ideas, and passionate small business people.

That’s why Wrapify has expanded our wrap options to full-car wraps to half-car wraps and panel wraps as well. We’ve made Wrapify more affordable, and we’ve redesigned the Wrapify dashboard to make the entire campaign process simpler and more intuitive to navigate.

Current three-month pricing is now: 

  • Full Wrap: $1600/month
  • Half Wrap: $1,200/month
  • Panel Wrap: $500/month

It’s worth pointing out a panel wrap is two side panels of a vehicle plus the car’s rear window, so there is visualization from any angle.

A small business can put three panel-wrapped cars on the road for less than the price of one fully wrapped one, while getting all the same features and functions that fully-wrapped car campaigns receive.

These new wrap options come in tandem with Wrapify’s new and improved dashboard, which now enables campaign wrap choices to be made online, and expands and simplifies the information and insight for Wrapify partners.

People and companies have spoken, and Wrapify has heard them. We’ve expanded our wrap options for smaller businesses, and we’ve redesigned and re-engineered our dashboard to make it even better. 

Take a look for yourself here: https://a.wrapify.com

Got questions? Call us at 844-WRAPIFY, we’re here to help!

– James

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