Outdoor Advertising to Grow for at Least Five More Years

We enjoyed reading this report from the Center for Media Research about a recent study by Borrell Associates, which finds Out-of-Home advertising is the lone marketing medium unaffected by the Internet, as well as the only one expected to show year-over-year growth for at least the next five years.

Everything in the Borrell Associates study makes sense, which is excellent because the facts work to Wrapify’s favor and show why our business is succeeding in the tumultuous marketing marketplace.

The study points out technology advancements that spur broader creativity is part of the reason for optimism and continuing growth — they cite examples like once-flat posters that have evolved into senses-pleasing combos of sound, scent and video, or billboards that can “read” from your phone or car, but Wrapify’s ability to track wrapped vehicles in real-time fits the bill just as easily.

The report also cites legislation in four states and other assorted municipalities banning billboards, for which Wrapify cars provide a canny alternative.

The “transit” portion of outdoor advertising spending is expected to increase to $1.36 billion — and that’s not counting Wrapify cars.

That’s a good thumbnail for the report, but the whole piece is worth a read. The original article from The Center for Media Research is here: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/278460/out-of-home-advertising-growing-for-next-5-years.html

You can get a free Executive Summary of the Borrell Associates report through their website, here: https://www.borrellassociates.com/

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