Wrapify’s CPM Performance at a Glance

I recently received an automated email from Google about Adwords’ campaign performance for a few PPC campaigns the company is currently running. Wrapify was seeing an average CPM of $7.01.

A few minutes later, I received one of our automated Wrapify campaign reports and the CPM prompted a historical look at every campaign that’s run since Wrapify launched in 2015.

The average CPM for a Wrapify campaign is $1.78.

Quick “What is Wrapify”: Wrapify provides marketers with the ability to advertise on cars nationwide. Wrapify is also the only OOH ad platform that shows clients impression data in real-time, and that can be accessed in an easy-to-use online dashboard.

So how does Wrapify stack up against the nearly limitless forms of advertising available?

Source: Peter J. Solomon Company Estimates as of July 2014 based on SEC filings, news, research and other industry sources.

How Does Wrapify Calculate Impressions?

At a high level, Wrapify logs drivers’ location data and pairs it with live anonymized traffic, cell and GPS user data, to create accurate impressions count accessible in real-time! This is also patent pending.

CPM Showcase: Bud Light

AB inBev ran a recent campaign in Los Angeles, showcasing the return of the L.A. Rams. Their campaign achieved some of the lowest CPMs yet seen on the Wrapify platform:

Dashboard Snapshots

Daily routes:

Heat maps for all dates or any date range:

Wrapify CPM Conclusion:

Wrapify delivers high-value, low-cost OOH CPMs that customarily deliver sub $2.00 CPMs in the 29 markets the platform currently serves.

Brand advertisers have gravitated toward Wrapify because targeted OOH impressions and industry low CPMs are consistently delivered. Wrapify is increasingly understood as the logical bridge between OOH and digital, because of the online availability of the platform and the physicality of these rolling ads in the REAL world.

As Wrapify continues to roll out new campaigns, we are dedicated to providing the ad industry with better data, detailed case studies and new features.

If you have any questions about Wrapify, please reach out. If you want to see research on a specific aspect of our platform, please comment below.

Thanks and stay tuned!

– James


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