Five Cities Where Wrapify Should Be a No-Brainer

There are several good reasons Wrapify did our recent deal with the CBS Radio sales team in Washington, D.C. One of the most relevant ones is that the D.C.-region has a reputation in the out-of-home advertising business for historically higher demand for OOH media than the market can provide.

Wrapify fills that gapand Washington, D.C. is not the only city where the lack of OOH inventory makes our platform even more appealing. I spoke with Wrapify’s VP of Sales, Scott Elliot, an ace in the OOH industry for many years, and he pointed to the following markets as perennial places where demand exceeds supply:

 – Boston – 790,000 commuters daily, one quarter of them taking an hour or more.
 – San Francisco – Roughly half a million commuters, averaging just about a half hour.
 – Miami – Times vary greatly depending on where drivers live, but between 25 and 35 minutes is the norm for the city’s approximately 300,000 commuters.
 – Seattle – 170,000 commuters have the nation’s 10th longest commute time of any Americans, 27 minutes.
 – Washington, D.C. — 470,000 daily commuters have the nation’s 2nd longest commute at 33 minutes.

There’s an interesting interactive page to find average commute times here, if you want to see for yourself.

One thing you’ll notice about these places is that they’re all port cities on the water, which inherently limits the amount of spots you can put a billboard.

Scott also mentioned Denver, Austin and Charlotte, N.C. as cities where there has been a history of tight OOH inventory. Otherwise, in the top 20 DMAs, the marketplace demand for outdoor advertising can usually be satisfied.

But to get back to our list of five…if you think about the lack of billboard, transit and other OOH opportunities in those five cities, combined with their long commute times, making Wrapify part of your outdoor media marketing strategy is a no brainer…

And it’s not just those five cities. Wrapify’s recent Lyft campaign in New York City, which features our Hotspots option, has helped the ride sharing service get major visual impact in densely populated areas like Times Square for far less than the exorbitant prices for a billboard.

More bangs, less bucks, and the chance to be a huge fish in a small aquarium in certain cities tight on OOH inventory. Wrapify will continue to evolve brands’ out-of-home options.

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