Wrapify “Hotspots” Debut with Lyft Campaign in New York City

As anyone who reads this space knows, 2017 is shaping up as another big year for Wrapify. As we move into our third year, we’re building upon our previous success, we’re listening to our drivers and advertisers, and we’re making a priority the things they tell us they want and need.

That’s why we’ve prioritized our latest new Wrapify feature, called “Hotspots.” We just got it rolling and Lyft is the first client to use it in New York City.

“Hotspots” turn up the heat for Wrapify campaign drivers to operate daily within a tight, specified area or part of town. We created the “Hotspots” feature because it solves one of the top needs and requests of our client partners: Getting drivers in heavily congested areas with tons of eyeballs that are, paradoxically, places drivers would avoid.

The New York campaign is Lyft’s second with Wrapify, and it puts 45 cars on the road brandishing the rideshare company’s distinct hot pink branding.

Here’s how Hotspots work: Drivers are granted an additional multiple, which is applied towards what they would normally earn on a per-mile basis. Drivers also get to earn additional miles that would not be an option without Hotspots.  

The sharing economy, ridesharing particularly, has already shown the Hotspots concept works. Ride sharing companies already offer features to incentivize their drivers to pick up riders in high demand areas. Think Lyft Prime Time, only for advertising

Brands don’t pay a penny extra to access to this feature, incidentally. We’re doing it because people asked for it, not because we’re driven to make an obvious extra buck–we hope that comes from earning more clients through a reputation for listening to what people tell us will improve our offering.

The maps below provide a good visual explanation. On the right, you see a Hotspot within Lower Manhattan, while on the left is a map showing the campaign area without Hotspots. The two maps show the difference between recording impressions in the outskirts of Queens and Brooklyn, and making an impact in the area Lyft really wants their brand to be seen: Manhattan.

We are grateful to our clients for telling us what they like about Wrapify and how we can continue to improve. We are the category leader in the advertising segment of the sharing economy, and we intend to hold and solidify that position by listening, strategizing and acting as clients and potential clients tell us what they want.

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