Wrapify / Avery Dennison Partnership Pays Off…For Brands

Wrapify is lowering our prices. Not because we have to, but because we can. So we willup to thirty percent!

Technology has changed and disrupted many things, but not the truth. One core truth of business is if you put your clients first, if you consistently consider their place in every decision you make, your business will succeed.

The recent addition of Wrapify “Hotspots” was one great example of this, and our investment from Avery Dennison is bringing another.

The cash money part of venture capital deals is usually what people find sexiest, and I won’t minimize it because that is certainly important. But another aspect of Wrapify’s recent deal with Avery Dennison, the global manufacturer of adhesive materials, was choosing a partner who was invested not only financially but had the means to help us improve our product at the root level.

Avery Dennison and Wrapify have collaborated to develop an optimal, state-of-the-art vehicle-wrapping technology: a short-term, easy-to-install and remove film for transit out-of-home advertising.

This new wrap film exclusive for Wrapify, dubbed MPI 1902 EZ RS, lowers the cost of getting a Wrapify campaign on the road. We are, of course, passing those savings to our clients.

While I suggest you request our new rate cardI’m not going to go into a deep dive here, don’t worryit’s worth repeating we’re talking up to a thirty percent reduction for shorter duration campaigns.

In short, better materials and support from a $6BN global company leads to better unit economics for Wrapify, resulting in better pricing for brands.

By the way, this breakthrough didn’t change how we compensate our drivers one bit!

New wrap technology via Avery Dennison was somewhat the stealth part of the VC deal in March, but I was thrilled about it then and I’m just as thrilled now. Wrapify is grateful to Avery Dennison for their passion and commitment to our success, and the evidence will be plainly seen on America’s road.  

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