New Report Shows Out Of Home Advertising Drives Greater ROI

Wrapify was pleased to see a pair of recent studies from Nielsen and the USA’ largest advertising holding company conglomerate Omnicom, showing how and why OOH media world should be playing a much larger role in brands and marketers’ media spending.

Both of these independent and separate studies show that Out of Home over-performs its budget for driving online activation. These reports also show that shifting budget dollars, even by a percentage point or two, can dramatically increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

The world’s pre-eminent marketing research firm, The Nielsen Company, and one of the world’s “big three” advertising conglomerates, Omnicom, are both heavy hitters in this type of thing. When they reach separate but equal conclusions, everyone should pay attention.

Out of Home delivers the most online activity per ad dollar spent, according to Nielsen’s OOH Online Activation Survey. Out of home media indexes nearly four times the amount expected given its relative percentage of budgets.

According to Nielsen, “On average OOH media makes up around 7% of a media budget, but it generates 26% activation share for search engine engagement alone. When it comes to engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram … these rates are even higher.

As we were writing about these two studies, we actually came across a third as well, out of Australia, Analytic Partners “ROI Benchmarks” study. It shows how the most effective advertising campaigns are achieved when the campaign is a blend of Out Of Home, television and digital media–26% additional returns when combining Out Of Home with TV and Digital media activity.

This was the case last fall, when Wrapify was part of Bud Light’s NFL-team branded can campaign for the Rams return to Los Angeles. Wrapify was proud to be part of that high-profile campaign—particularly our Sunday Swarms on game day at the Colosseum—but know the TV and online push only helped make our cars more noteworthy to consumers. Bud Light has since continued to leverage Wrapify.

The ROI Benchmarks study is the largest market mix modeling study ever undertaken Down Under. It is based on 14 years of data from more than 250 econometric studies created for more than 135 brands with a combined advertising spend in excess of $7 billion.

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