Wrap. Earn. Live. At WrapsCon 2017 in Long Beach

It’s been a few months since Wrapscon 2017, but we still want to give you a glimpse of what putting together the largest cash prize wrap competition was like.

After eight weeks of meetings, several test runs and a last minute total change of format, we felt ready to debut our Wrapify style installation competition at WrapsCon.  

Excited and early in the process, we’d extended an offer to compete to all Wrapify Certified Installers. However, with two weeks until WrapsCon we still had lots to do before being anywhere even close to having a full roster.  We reached out to the Masters of Branding, and Daren Merkle of Shadow Graphix…

…We had the competition full that day, with alternatives to spare.

Morning of, at breakfast with the Wrapify crew, we all had jitters.  We discussed worst-case scenarios of judges missing their flight or contestants backing out at the last minute. Even after the mandatory pre-contest meeting with the judges and contestants, we still had no idea if the competition would be a success.

After the first heat, we collectively gave a sigh of relief.  The judges were on point and the competitors were riveting to watch.  I was at the edge of my seat for the whole 30 minute heat.  The first two competitors, Vincent Staats and Jeremy Conner, were neck and neck until the end.

The crowds watching were 4 rows deep.  Following the lead of MC John Duever, they never had a chance to look away.  Judges Caroline Shaw and Austin Smith had the tough job of scoring these tight heats.

The purpose of this event was threefold. We wanted:

  • – To give back to the installation community, who have helped us achieve our goals of outsourcing 100% of Wrapify installations
  • – Teach our style of installations on consumer vehicles
  • – Sign up new installers at Install.Wrapify.com  

The NBM show with WrapsCon was the perfect venue. Long Beach brought a new crowd that might not have been able to travel so far in the past.  All the leaders of the industry were on hand, ensuring its recognition as the most relevant industry event.  So, you know, lots of added pressure for us to make this competition epic.

After all the pre-work that went in this event, it was the 8 competitors who truly made it  a huge success.  Everyone brought their own unique style.  Sometimes, speed won. Other times precision did the job.  Ultimately, Istvan Hargittai beat out Dimas Brasil by just 2 points for the $2,500 Grand Prize.  We want to thank all competitors for showing up and showing us all just how amazing you are at your craft.



 – Jeremy Conner – Who Did That?, Charlotte NC

– Vincent Staats – Brilliant I.D., The Netherlands

– Chris Lorich – Streamline Designs, Buffalo NY

– Dimas Brasil – Banana Wrapz, Brazil

– Istvan Hargittai – Hargittai & Shaw, Miami FL

– Will Eldam – Kuttek Works, San Leandro CA

– Steve Carney – Carbon Wraps, Orlando FL

– Kiss Lajos – Fix Folia, Hungary

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