Why a Media Titan Is Investing in Wrapify

OOH and media industry veteran, Bill Apfelbaum, has been following Wrapify’s growth, and most recently, invested in the burgeoning gig-economy startup. Mr. Apfelbaum has enjoyed an impressive career in the advertising business, spanning over thirty-five years in the out-of-home and media industries.

We thought we would sit down and share a quick Q&A with one of our biggest influencers:

Why Wrapify?  Why Now?

“The advent of the gig-economy paired with tech that allows marketers to measure their media spend makes a ton of sense.  Brands are always looking for new ways to reach an audience, and I think Wrapify accomplishes that while also complementing other media formats.”

How important is data and attribution in today’s media landscape

“The idea of being able to track ad exposure to attribution has been top of mind for years, but it wasn’t really possible with OOH until recently.  Wrapify is a technology platform first, and a media platform second. I think that is the key to making OOH more of a performance driven buy.”

Why did you invest in the company?

“Wrapify is taking a novel approach to harnessing technology to change the way outdoor advertising is measured and most importantly … valued.  I also invest in people and Wrapify is good people!”

We are excited about the future, the growth of our company and the advancement of measurement in the OOH industry. We’re also excited about putting cash back into the pockets of drivers across the US!

We couldn’t do it without great people and great investors believing in our brand promise.


Drive. Earn. Live.


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