Case Study – Alaska Airlines Catapults Web Conversion by 19%+


For over 85 years, Alaska Airlines is a well-established brand that still prides itself on amazing customer service and friendly people. Their experience as a top brand shows as they tout awards like Best Airline, Best in Customer Satisfaction, and Top Sustainability Rankings from authorities like Conde Nast Traveler, J.D. Power, and Dow Jones.


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Alaska Airlines was looking to actively promote specific flight routes out of specific cities. During the campaign period, Wrapify was integrated into the media mix at the intersection of Out of Home (OOH) and digital. Enter: Wrapify.

Overall, Alaska Airlines wanted to increase bookings to Hawaii from the San Francisco Bay Area.


Specific Goals:

  • Increased bookings on from Wrapify exposure
  • Leverage SWARM at local events
  • Measure campaign-related website conversion
  • Effectively retarget exposed audience online



Alaska Airlines chose to have their advertising in the San Francisco Bay Area, leveraging Wrapify’s omni-channel ad platform.

Wrapify was a great way for us to get unique OOH coverage while also providing the benefits of digital attribution.”

Natalie Bowman


In addition, they leveraged SWARM. A SWARM is when multiple wrapped vehicles gather at a specific place and time, creating a huge brand moment nobody can forget!



Amongst the benefits a brand will always have from campaigns like this one, here are the impressive numbers that helped them reach their goals:


19.97%+   Online Conversion Rate Increase


41,483,863+   Total OOH Impressions


Using Wrapify for this campaign has put Alaska Airlines in a powerful position to develop their next out-of-home and digital campaign. The brand is in the driving seat, accompanied by a vast amount of data in the Wrapify Dashboard about their audience which will help influence and inspire future company growth and success.


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