Wrapify Turbocharges Retargeting with The Trade Desk Partnership


Wrapify continues to lead the digital out-of-home space while staying at the forefront of advertising innovations by elevating ads into measurable and retargetable brand campaigns that boost ROI and earn the highest recall from the most relevant targets.

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 17 — We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with The Trade Desk —  the fastest-growing demand-side platform offering agencies, aggregators, and their advertisers’ best-in-class technology — that augments our platform offering. With Wrapify’s newest iteration of its Physical Retargeting feature, clients can now measure and attribute any out-of-home advertising across Mobile, Display, Connected TV, Native, and Audio Streaming Services.  

Wrapify launched its Attribution Suite in 2018 which included the Physical Retargeting feature, however, it was mostly limited to the Google Display Network for mobile and display advertising to the audience exposed to Wrapify’s high-recall OOH vehicles. Now with the Trade Desk, campaigns are turbocharged with the number of ad types on which a brand can be seen or heard. 

Starting with an OOH ad such as Wrapify’s wrapped vehicles, campaigns are able to capture and expose the mobile devices that they come into contact with. To maximize reach and frequency, Wrapify’s Attribution platform, powered by The Trade Desk, the Physical Retargeting feature provides the ability to retarget those same users offline on all of their other associated devices as well. These other devices can be targeted using Display, Mobile, Native, Connected TV, and Audio Streaming Services. 

With brand advertisers seeing diminishing results from digital advertising alone, there’s a huge need to target customers in a way that makes an impression and drives engagement. Out-of-home advertising does just this. Data giant, Nielsen recently cited that wrapped advertisements on vehicles is the second-most noticed form of outdoor advertising,

The Nielsen study also found that 90% of U.S. residents age 16 or older have noticed out of home advertising format in the past month. So OOH ads are being noticed! And of that 90%, 81% of people who notice the OOH ad engaged with the messaging in some capacity. 

Among many successful use cases, Fortune 500 brands are now measuring the exact impressions, online or in-app actions, foot-traffic and more from their out-of-home ads. Measuring out-of-home has never been done like this until now.

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WrapifyWednesday, December 4th, 2019 at 6:20pm
Outdoor ads used to be brand-building tools only until @wrapify partnered with @Claritas2_0 to measure actual conversions triggered by exposure to their wrapped cars. Find out how to track #ROI of any #marketing channel, including OOH, in this #casestudy https://t.co/GSqOkYTMQZ https://t.co/uBfDdjJ0fx
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